Who's Yer Con 2016

Who's Yer Con is a local free gaming con, put on by a gaming group as a way of giving back to the Indianapolis gaming community. This year it was held over the weekend of April 1-3, 2016 at the Indianapolis Wyndham West, over by the airport.

We got there a little early so we could get through registration before my husband's first game. We had a bit of a line to go through, but once we had that taken care of, I had the rest of the day to myself. I'd intended to do a bunch of writing, but I ended up on the Internet most of the time. Only in the evening did I finally dig back into my novel.

Since it's an in-town convention, we could drive home for the evening and sleep in our own bed. I even had a little time to go on the Internet.

On Saturday we headed back across town to the hotel. This time I was actually able to get some writing done while I was sitting around. I also did some looking in the dealers' room. It still looks like it wouldn't really be a profitable one for us to try to do as dealers. There's already a t-shirt dealer, so we'd end up just splitting the market between us.

In the evening, some people had a fannish wedding reception and decided to invite everyone at the con to enjoy the leftovers. We made a pretty good supper of it. Then we headed back home for the night.

On Sunday we just about didn't get to go, because my husband had apparently gotten some food at that reception which had started to spoil. But after a little while his stomach settled and we decided to go ahead and chance it.

We did make it in time for his game, and I had some writing time. I made a bunch of notes on the Energy Wars era in the Grissom Timeline, seeing some of the way religion and politics interacted in that key period.

Then we headed back home. There had been an accident at the south split, and there were emergency vehicles in the area between I-70 and I-65. So we ended up getting off the Interstate and going home on surface streets. Still, I was quite happy to be back home again.

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